The city of Los Angeles has finally come down from the emotional high because A.D. is indeed on his way. Snoop Dogg singing this song should have been a smash hit on the charts, however, people soon realized the salary cap issues have come to roost. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, this deal will be effective on July 6, which will leave the Lakers with only $23.7 million in cap space. This is nowhere near enough to attract or offer a high-quality player a worth max deal.

The Lakers are attempting to find creative ways to create cap space to include reworking the deal with the Pelicans to allow for the deal to be finalized by July 30, allowing for $32.5 million in cap room which is adequate enough to attract a max salary player. The market is blossoming with players who are opting out unexpectedly – thus, helping the Lakers via free agency. Young players, max contract players and all-stars are opting out, and many wonder if the A.D. and King James combo could attract more stars.

The Lakers must find creative ways to gain cap room whether it be from trading minimum contract players that may equal up to $5 million in space like Mo Wagner, Issac Bonga and Jemerrio Jones, but these players do not have any trade value. The Pelicans will do the Lakers’ no favors, hence why the trade for those draft picks was designed for the Pelicans to gain an advantage for losing their all-world player.

The Lakers have aggressively cleared space, but now must fill its roster. By purchasing second picks, this team can get a few players. Many teams have done this, such as the Golden State, who bought the draft rights to Jordan Bell – which has become a solid rotational piece for the Warriors. The organization is scrambling to figure this out because the deadline is fast approaching. On June 30 at 6 p.m., free agency officially opens for the league. July 6 is the date free agents can officially sign. The team is clearly attempting to gain a third max slot to sign another star. If they cannot, who will sign for less money to gain an opportunity to chase after a shot of a title?

Who won the trade? Let’s review:

This remains to be seen. If the Lakers get the Western Conference Finals with LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, Anthony Davis and a mop bucket and a squeegee, then this is a win for the Lakers since they have missed the playoffs for six years. If Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram are unable to play to their potential, then the Lakers win, which is quite possible because of their injury history. The Pelicans have Ball and Jrue Holiday in their backcourt as consideration statistics as a prime defensive backcourt who could limit any team’s backcourt. The Pelicans have three first round picks and a swap package. The Pelicans wanted to make the Lakers pay for tampering and for losing their all-world player by crippling the franchise for years. If the Lakers make the playoffs consistently for the next three years, then the Pelicans will still lose this trade.

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Written ByJeremy Maddox

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