President Trump approval rating reaches its highest yet since taking office, according to a survey released Sunday conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post from June 28 to July 1 via landline and mobile phones. 

The survey had a margin error of plus or minus four percentage points from its sample of 875 registered voters. 

The results of the survey showed 44 percent of Americans approve of Trump as president, which is an increase from 39 percent in April.  

Fifty-one percent of Americans approved what President Trump is doing to handle the economy, which is an important issue for 82 percent of adults heading into the next election. While this generates good for Trump, his approval ratings across other categories are reported lower, including 32 percent approval issues regarding women and abortions, and only 29 percent on global warming. 

The survey shows that 65 percent of Americans believe Trump has acted in an unpresidential way since taking office, while only 28 percent believe he is fitting and proper. The remaining 7 percent reported no opinion. 

For Trump, this is a step up from the 70 percent that found him “unpresidential” in early 2018. 

According to the Washington Post, one-fifth of those who say he is not presidential material still say they approve of the job he is doing. 

President Trump has continuously taken ownership of the positive changes in the economy. He does, however, believe that the contributions and coverage of the Russian Interference of the 2016 election have significantly lowered his numbers in the polls. 

With immigration is headlined in most mainstream media outlets, the survey asked subjects to approve or disapprove of the way the Trump Administration handles immigration. Forty percent approve and 57 percent disapprove, the survey found. 

In addition, his approval rates on taxes and foreign policy are substantially lower in the report, with 42 percent approving Trump’s actions on taxes and 49 percent disapproving. His rating in public policy is a 55 percent disapproval versus 40 percent who approve. This survey was given during the president’s time in North Korea. 

With Trump also seeking reelection, the survey pitted Trump against some Democratic hopefuls. 

In a hypothetical match-up against Joe Biden, Biden wins with 55 percent of the vote against Trump’s 41 percent. Bernie Sanders brings in 51 percent while Trump trails with 45 percent. Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California both garnish 51 percent against the president and Trump brings 44 percent and 43 percent. Lastly, against Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, ID, Trump has 44 percent of the vote while Buttigieg has 48 percent of the vote. 

While Trump is gearing up for the 2020 election along with many others, these poll numbers seem to give quite an idea of what can be possible. However, in the 2016 Presidential Election, national poll analysts illustrated that Hillary Clinton would win the popular vote by about 3.2 percentage points.

Written ByMiguel Escalante

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