President Trump held a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina on Wednesday. During the rally, Trump continued to discuss the four freshman Congresswomen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar – also known as “the squad.”

Trump criticized Congresswoman Ilhan Omar saying, “So representative Omar blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks on our country, saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people affairs,” Trump said.  “She looks down with contempt on the hard-working Americans, saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country.” Rally attendees then began chanting “send her back.” 

Trump also condemned the other three Congresswomen as well. “So these Congresswomen, their comments are helping to fuel rise of a dangerous, militant hard left,” Trump said. 

Omar commented back on Trump’s remarks made at his rally with a poem by Maya Angelou.

According to the Associated Press, “Trump told aides this week that the controversy has cemented the four progressive lawmakers as the faces of the Democratic Party, believing it has boosted his chances at reelection.”

When he mentioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Trump stated, “I don’t have time to go through three different names,” then began to just call her Cortez. He then spoke about how she exaggerated about the immigration detention centers. 

“I think the president put millions of Americans in danger last night, his rhetoric is endangering lots of people just about threats to individuals of congress but it’s about creating volatile environment in this country for violent rhetoric, that puts anyone, like Ilhan, anyone who believes in the rights of all people,” Ocasio-Cortez said. 

On Wednesday night, hashtags began to start trending such as #IStandWithTrump and a counter hashtag #IStandWithOmar. 

Republican Congressman Mark Walker, who represents the 6th District of North Carolina, tweeted, “Though it was brief, I struggled with the ‘send her back’ chant tonight referencing Rep. Omar. Her history, words and actions reveal her great disdain for both America & Israel. That should be our focus on phrasing that’s painful to our friends in the minority communities.” 

Trump and many of his supporters have called out Omar for her comments in a 2013 interview, which has recently resurfaced on Twitter, for saying that Al Qaeda doesn’t “mean anything evil,” and that the U.S.’s pro-Israel stance is for the money. 

Written ByMaydeen Merino

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