Trump supporter and conservative activist, Scott Presler, organized a cleanup day in West Baltimore. Several days ago, President Trump criticized representative Elijah Cummings for the conditions of his congressional district of West Baltimore calling it, “a rat-infested mess.” 

Baltimore Mayor Young responded to Trump’s comments on his city in a press release stating it is unacceptable for the president to denigrate the city of Baltimore and that his rhetoric is “hurtful for the people he represents.”

After hearing the comments about West Baltimore, Presler was inspired to take it upon himself to organize a day where people would help clean the streets of West Baltimore. 

On July 30, Presler announced on Twitter on Aug. 5 he planned to organize a Baltimore Clean Trash Day. 

Many residents of West Baltimore expressed their frustration about their local government not providing the help they needed in the city. An IGTV video on Instagram by Austen Fletcher, commonly known as “Fleccas Talks” on YouTube, showed one of his correspondents interviewing West Baltimore residents about the city’s living conditions. 

“It’s just sad man everyday I am crying inside, because I wake up and I am still here. It used to be ok but now, it’s not,” one West Baltimore resident said. 

Some residents were highly critical of how representative Cummings has treated West Baltimore residents. 

“He’s been there for 25 years, he gave 4.6 million dollars for illegal immigrants but he hasn’t donated any money for north avenue,” another West Baltimore resident said. 

Presley felt inspired to not just talk about the problems going on in impoverished parts of the country, but to take action. In the Fleccas Talks IGTV segment, Presley said Aug. 5 is not the only day he plans to take action. 

“I decided let’s do something about it. I put out a tweet and said, ‘I’m coming to Baltimore to help clean up trash, I don’t care if it’s me standing alone on a street corner’ and I never expected that tweet to go viral,” Presler told a Fleccas Talks correspondent. 

Presler was later invited to speak on One American News Network (OANN).

“I was just fed up. I was seeing everybody complaining and nobody doing. I’m going to take this opportunity to actually do something, go to Baltimore, even if it’s just me standing on a street corner alone picking up trash,” Presler said. 

He told OANN that he appreciates President Trump’s placing attention to Baltimore. The White House also thanked the volunteers that helped clean up parts of the city on Twitter

In an interview with Fox News’s Shannon Bream, Presler explained his plans to go to other cities throughout America to help clean up communities in need. The next city he will be going to is New Jersey and hopes to take his organization nationwide. 

Throughout the clean up, Presler posted several videos of Baltimore resident’s reactions to the organized clean up, including before and after photos. Presler states on FoxNews that this organization was not a political stunt, but that it was about “Americans stepping up to help other Americans.” 

Many Baltimore residents expressed their gratitude for Presler’s actions but felt the city should take a bigger initiative. 

“I am excited about the work that Scott and them have come to do, even though I believe the city needs to get involved in our neighborhoods when we make complaints as constituents here, we shouldn’t have to have people come from other states to clean our communities, when we are already asking for help from our city officials,” West Baltimore resident said. 

Written ByMaydeen Merino

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