The New York Giants once again teased their loyal fans on Thursday night when they played the Philadelphia Eagles in an ever important NFC East matchup. The Giants defense stood strong against the Eagles goal line offense and forced a turnover on downs to begin the 4th quarter.

Starting from their own 3, the Giants slowly took the ball down the field taking 7:50 to go 15 plays. The drive ended when Sterling Shepard ran a beautiful route and Daniel Jones hit him in the middle of the endzone. Touchdown.

It was only a 2 yard touchdown pass, but it is always a big deal when the Giants get a score from inside the redzone. Something they struggle with so much. Sterling Shepard returned to the field for the Thursday night matchup after getting injured in Week 2 against the Chicago Bears.

The Giants were up 21-10, just 6:17 left in the game. The defense had been playing well. The offense had put up 3 touchdowns. Things were looking good for New York. 

This was the beginning of the end. Just 4 plays later, Carson Wentz stepped back from his own 27 and launched a bomb 59 yards to John Hightower to get to the Giants 14 yard line. A few plays later, Wentz looked to throw again, this time hitting Greg Ward for a 3 yard touchdown. The Eagles decided to go for the two point conversion to make it a 3 point game with 4:38 left, but the Giants defense stopped Wentz before he could convert. 21-16.

Wayne Gallman was playing well getting some good runs in while Devonta Freeman was out with an ankle injury. However, it wasn’t enough and the Giants were forced to throw on 3rd and 6. No problem, they have Daniel Jones.

Danny Dimes dropped back and threw a perfect pass to Evan Engram down the left sideline, but the tight end was unable to hold on to the beautifully thrown pass. A dropped pass that could have been not only a Giants first down, but it also could have been a big play that would have put them past the Eagles 30 yard line with just over 2 minutes left in the contest. As a result the Giants were forced to punt the football back to the Eagles and give them the opportunity to produce a game winning drive.

I think all Giants fans knew what was coming next. Carson Wentz marched the Eagles offense right down the field and it looked like it was going to happen. The Eagles had made it to the Giants 3 yard line. With 51 seconds left, Wentz handed the ball off to Corey Clement for no gain. But there was a yellow flag on the field as the Giants defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson stood with his helmet in hand. Something incredible had happened.

15 yard personal foul on Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce. What once looked like an easy opportunity for the Eagles had now become much harder. They had 4 plays to go 18 yards into the endzone. It only took one.

On the very next play Carson Wentz stepped up in the pocket and threw a ball just out of the reach of Jabrill Peppers. The perfectly placed pass landed in Boston Scott’s hands and he rolled into the endzone. Touchdown.

After a failed 2 point conversion, the Giants were left with 40 seconds to set up Graham Gano for a game winning field goal. They weren’t even close.

The drive started with a holding call moving the Giants back 10 yards. Two plays later, something happened that was all too familiar to Giants fans. Daniel Jones stepped up in the pocket and took just a second too long to get rid of the ball. Fumble. Eagles recover the ball. Game over.

Final score: Eagles 22- Giants 21

Written ByJames Lavelle

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