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Scriberr is a non-partisan multimedia news platform. We’re a growing start–up company and our mission is to create compelling, original stories while making all content accountable to its readers with bias measurement technology.

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100 Partner Plan

After a year of Scriberr operating to its greatest capacity on a limited budget, we are aiming to take things to the next level. We have established a strong network of college interns and creators and are looking to have an official headquarters for our team to work in.

Scriberr is looking for 100 of our friends, family members, and companions to pledge a $20/ monthly donation in becoming a Scriberr Partner. You are of course welcome to commit to less or more, depending on what you feel is best for your own circumstances. We will be blessed with however much you choose! As a partner you will be part of the initial launch for our subscription and donation platform, and allow us to allocate funds for a studio/office space for our team and interns, travel, equipment, new video projects, and more.

In appreciation for those who commit to $20 or more, you will receive an official Scriberr Partner Package filled with a shirt, stickers, and more. If you believe in us and our vision at Scriberr we hope you consider becoming a partner today!